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barbara zamparo illustratrice

Barbara Zamparo


I studied at the European Institute of Design ( IED ) in Milan and I am an illustrator and graphic designer.

I have been the partner of an advertising agency for over ten years. I designed campaigns and advertising illustrations, packaging, characters, icons and logos for local and international organizations, companies, hotels and individuals.

In my professional career I have developed my personal graphic style: texture and backgrounds drawn by hand, scanned and then digitally modified for unique, original and inimitable results.

I work as freelance graphic designer and illustrator for individuals, design studios, advertising agencies and architecture and interior design firms.

I am specialized in the use of the main software of graphic design and illustration. In my work I pursue the use of unique signs and strong but elegant colours in order to represent the client’s intents and ideas.

The purpose of my work is to hit and explain with clarity the heart of the message to the public. This is optimised communication: the maximum of meaning with the minimal sign.

barbara zamparo illustrazione
barbara zamparo illustrazione
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